Easter chick treat bag

Recycled tube craft: Easter Chick

Easter is fast approaching which means it’s time to make lots of Easter/Spring inspired craft with the kids. We created this little chick from a recycled tube & they make the perfect place to hide little treats for Easter.

For this craft you will need a pencil, ruler, scissors, double-sided tape, coloured paper, orange foam, googly eyes,  shredded tissue, ribbon & some treats.


firstly secure one end of the tube with double-sided. Then measure a length of paper to fit around the tube, fix this into place with the double sided tape. Then cut a beak  & feet shapes out of the orange foam, fix them into place onto the tube then add the googly eyes. Add the ribbon, shredded tissue paper & add the treats.

This little chick would make the perfect hiding place for treats during an Easter egg hunt or for children to make for their family & friends.

Trash 2 Treasure


6 thoughts on “Easter chick treat bag

  1. I love how easy this is and I think it would be great as a garden treasure hunt or as kids gifts as you suggest. I sometime cut the beak shape from the tube too, this saves the sticking and falling off but can be tricky for children to do. I’ve never thought to use it as a treat holder, it’s a lovely idea.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure


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