Craft Box Giveaway

Welcome to my first blog GIVEAWAY

During the Summer we will be trying out some new crafts & adding our tutorials & ideas to the blog. Here is your chance to try them out with this 1000 piece craft box packed full of the materials you need such as glue, scissors, pipe cleaners, foam shapes, googly eyes, pom poms & much more to get you creating.

You can enter via this link Good Luck

Scribbled With Love Craft Box Giveaway




71 thoughts on “Craft Box Giveaway

  1. Me and my little girl love making pictures with card and stickers etc, so more like a collage. She even got one featured in a magazine, she was so happy


  2. We do lots of crafts but clay is our favourite, we’ve just made some butterflies and painted them to go in the garden


  3. Making collages and birthday cards with the grandchildren. Its lovely when mum and dad get a surprise handmade card or gift!


  4. We love making all sorts of craft things, from paper-plate faces, to bunting, crocodiles out of kitchen roll tubes, painting, making finger puppets…..


  5. My granddaughters love painting and glueing we have a box of goodies that they love making pictures from scraps of crepe, bobbles ,glitter,buttons,straws and many other things


  6. My little granddaughter loves doing any craft that involves gluing. Last weekend she made monster pictures using EVA shapes, googly eyes, glitter glue and pompoms.


  7. My little granddaughter loves crafts involving glue. Last weekend she made monster pictures using EVA shapes, glitter glue, googly eyes and pom poms.


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